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Дата: 25 May 20 03:20am
If you were in charge renaming things so that their names would be more accurate, what names would you come up with?
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Stretch boot tree

After your boot tree finishes you need to choose your boot directory. After doing this you will need to create boot files on your hard drive and then boot up your computer and log in as administrator. It is a good idea to do this so you don't accidentally boot into a different kernel or the system fails. The command to create boot files is

efi_boot_file_name boot_directory

When we run the command at boot time we will be presented with two options: EFI boot boot path or EFI boot filename which can be changed between two options. The boot directory should be specified as this would be the same as the actual file name.

Step 5 - Create Boot File

We have just created boot file and are in a new OS folder. Once inside we need to create a new boot file. The command for creating boot file is

efi_boot_create_file boot_path

Once again this command has only two options - "e" and "k". Once the boot file is created enter

efi_boot_create_file boot_path -k EFI boot path

You are done!

Now start up the system using boot file or with some default boot directory. If you are using boot file or boot default you need to enter the default boot directory, otherwise you will get error

EFI Boot Boot Directory: cannot be opened (0x800F5F0)

Step 6 - Test Boot Error

After it boots you will see the boot error message. This indicates an error. To check the error log we are going to create a text file named "boot.log" with error information, you can open the boot.log with any text editor that allows you to write in text, or the utility disk utilities for that matter.

Type in the following command to get the log file

ls -l 1 log.txt

What are the contents of your log? The output is a list of errors for the boot process (as a list). You should be able to find the first file with the following contents, for example boot.txt

WARNING: EFI boot files cannot be opened using DOSBox and cannot be used with BIOS or some other programs.

I hope you got your kernel working and setup correctly, just keep in mind you need to use this tutorial with an 8.4.2 kernel. Please feel free to comment if you have any questions about using these links with any Linux installation!



Grylls defends royalties for regions changes

The Government has agreed to pay nearly $40 million a year in royalties to the South Australian Aboriginal Council for services such as land reform, community engagement and education that are now paid by the Queensland Government.

The funding package is less than the $30 million the council is required by law to offer every year under a new arrangement.

The agreement, to be negotiated further on Tuesday, means the council will provide services for the benefit of more than 300 areas around South Australia - some of which have suffered significant changes, as many have been placed on an Indigenous Priority List.

It includes $3 million for Aboriginal programs that are being provided through the Aboriginal-led Rural First Nation Education Trust, including a $2.5 million grant to the Western Australian Aboriginal Research Centre at the University of South Australia.

The funding also covers services for Aboriginal youth in the northern part of the state and South Africa.

In addition, the Aboriginal Council is expected to have to reduce its operating costs.

South Australian Aboriginal leaders, as well as the Aboriginal Community Council of South Australia (ACCSA), are among those in support of the deal.

"We believe that the Government has done the right thing by keeping the Aboriginal council fully independent. Our Council does work in collaboration with the Aboriginal Council, and we are happy to work collaboratively with them for the benefit of the community, " chief executive Jim White said.

The council has been given a financial plan to meet its funding targets and will be a major part of the negotiations, he added.

"We believe the Government has done the right thing by continuing with the Indigenous Development Fund, which the Government has now made its own."

Ms Gillard also gave the council $8 million this year to enhance its Aboriginal outreach activities, including a special Aboriginal Language School.

"The Council also wants to ensure its programs and services are accessible for Aboriginal students on-going, '' she said.

"The $10 million Aboriginal youth service grant will also give the Council more resources to increase its programs and services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth."

The Government is not the only ones to be asked to pay for services to Aboriginal communities in recent years.

Earlier this year, the South Australian Government announced it would pay a $400, 000 bonus to Aboriginal people who worked closely with state Government staff, including the land and education division.

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