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Имя: Vernonlaf
Дата: 30 May 20 10:36am
Townsvillle flood crisis in pictures A dramatic fire started on Lake Winton in Winton at around 11am this morning (Oct 13) morning.

This fire is now under control at the lake, and the water level is now stabilising.

The Waterford Fire and Emergency Service has said water level at Lake Winton has dropped to 875mm in the last 48 hours.

It has been declared a major incident.

The water level at Lake Winton dropped to 875mm on Saturday (Oct 13) on the west side of the lake.

The fire and incident was reported shortly before 11am.

Fire service spokesman Dave Young says the fire started in a tree on the west side of the lake, causing the flames to spread to the wooded area below it.

The fire continued to build for several hours.

Mr Young says the cause of the fire has now been determined, but he has not yet received any data from Waterford City Council in relation to the damage incurred.

Waterford City Council is asking anyone with information on the fire to call its crime incident hotline on 012 942 1101, or post online using a web link to the Waterford City Council website.

Fire crews were seen on the scene, near Lake Winton.

Fire services were calling people out on a number of rescue and emergency situations, including:

People using fire stations or other public spaces

Horse riding and carrying large equipment

Driving in the area

If you were at the Lake Winton Bridge and saw a car drive on a red light, make sure to stop immediately, before driving through or through the area.

For emergency updates contact Waterford Fire and Emergency Service at the main office on 012 942 1101.

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More detained in alleged perth home renovation scam

THREE PEOPLE have been arrested in connection with allegedly committing a home renovation scam in the Perth suburb of South Perth, police said on Thursday.

The arrests follow a separate raid on an alleged second home and another property where the alleged offences were alleged to have taken place, officers said.

A spokesman for North Perth District Police said investigations were continuing and more arrests were planned.

Detective Senior Sergeant Kevin Breen told reporters in Central City that three people had been arrested following the latest raid, which lasted around 10 minutes.

"They were arrested around 6.20am (AEST), between a house and a house on Glenworth Road, " he said.

"Those arrested are being questioned, we understand, but we haven't got any information about the identities of the people or how long it's been taking.

"We are not releasing any further information at the moment. They are still in custody."

Breen said the properties targeted in the latest raid were two homes, one on a small residential property, and one on a small commercial property.

"The alleged offences are against the building owners and the people who live there, " he said.

"I would expect it to take about two years for these charges to be laid."

Police said the investigation revealed that the properties were being used by people living in the house owners' and the building owners' names and addresses at the time.

The alleged offenders are alleged to have obtained bank documents through criminal means.

No charges have been laid in the latest home renovation probe, which began at the end of September.

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Имя: Lindavon
Дата: 30 May 20 09:59am
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Имя: Brucegap
Дата: 30 May 20 08:04am
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Имя: Charliepiogy
Дата: 29 May 20 09:09pm
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Имя: Garryglymn
Дата: 29 May 20 09:06pm
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